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COMP 220 COMP220 Final Exam 4 (Scored 100%) (TCO 1) Describe an example of a two-dimensional character array that could be used to hold a set of text data that might be displayed on a hand-held information display device such as an MP3 player. Describe what each of the two-dimensional characters might represent and the data that would be held in the array. Also, provide an example array declaration. (Points : 10) ?(TCO 2) Explain the difference between a parameterized constructor and a default constructor. Provide an example class that includes both types of constructors. (Points : 10) 3. (TCO 3) Assume that a definition of class Automobile has two composite objects called myEngine of class Engine and myTransmission of class Transmission. If an object of Automobile is instantiated and then goes out of scope, list the sequence in which all the constructors and destructors are called. Also, provide?an explanation of?how they are called in this sequence. (Points : 10) 4. (TCO 4) Without considering the access attributes, list and describe which base class members may not be inherited by a derived class, and provide a rationale for why. (Points : 10) 5. (TCO 5) Write all the code necessary to dynamically allocate an array of 10 double-precision, floating-point variables and then write the code that will deallocate the memory. Add comment fields to each line of code describing what it is and does. (Points : 10) 6. (TCO 6) Assume that?three objects of the class Inductor have been instantiated: L1, L2, and L3. Write the overloaded operator prototypes that would be required to perform the following operation. You are only required to write the prototypes, not the implementation code. + L2 (Points : 10) 7. (TCO 7) Define what is meant by the term compile-time binding, and list two other terms that are also used to describe it. Explain why compile-time binding can present problems when implementing polymorphism in a program. (Points : 10) 8. (TCO 8) Describe and define what the preprocessor statement is, how it is used, what part of the development environment it interacts with, and provide a syntactically correct example that?describes what it does. (Points : 10)...
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