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APOL 104 Quiz 4 100% Correct Answers 1.?The Bible is the only early record which indicates the deity of Christ which is why skeptics argue against His deity. 2.?Repentance occurs after salvation and is not a means to salvation. 3.?Most scholars agree that James became a follower of Christ after he saw Him resurrected. 4.?According to the Apostle Paul, Jesus? resurrection was: 5.?The Greek word for ?poor? in Matthew 5:3 means ?needy? or in need of additional things to add to one?s possessions. 6.?Jesus? deity is not an important issue for Christianity in the 21st century. His death for mankind is the key issue. 7.?Getting someone to pray to receive Christ is evidence that he/she has been saved. 8.?From an evangelical Christian perspective, a person can go to heaven by believing in a God or accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior. 9.?The Bible indicates that because of sin all mankind needs to be saved. 10.?The biblical concept of the ?heart? is only the emotional part of a person 11.?Jesus? sacrifice on the cross was sufficient to save humanity from their sins.? The resurrection of Christ was not essential for salvation. 12.?Saved from the presence of sin and being in the presence of God is known as: 13.?In the orthodox theological view Jesus was resurrected spiritually but not physically. 14.?Attempting to earn salvation through good deeds is offensive to God. 15.?Humans sin because it is their nature to sin. 16.?An emotional response to the gospel is essential for a person to know that a person has been truly saved. 17.?Although the Bible doesn?t indicate directly, it can be inferred that Jesus possessed all the attributes of deity. 18.?Salvation is earned by believing in Jesus Christ and by doing good works. 19.?A person can be saved through General Revelation alone.? 20.?According to the Bible, the true gauge of holiness that humans are judged against is the holiness of God. ...
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