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ASHFORD CRJ 305 Week 1 DQ 2 Ethnic and Social Impacts on Crime Ethnic & Social Impacts on Crime . Evaluate the factors related to ethnic and social impacts on crime reporting as it is involved in crime prevention. For example: a. East African Communities: The tribal elders handle these issues. There may be a lack of reporting due to a mistrust of police in their country. b. Hispanic Communities: There may be a lack of reporting due to fear of retaliation or immigration status. c. African-American Communities: There may be a lack of reporting due to fear of reprisal within their own community, perceptions of past injustices portrayed by law enforcement, and a communicated distrust for governmental entities. d. Southeast Asian Communities: The family elders handle such issues. There may be a lack of reporting due to language barriers with elders. Youth have taken over due to language assimilation. e. Eastern European Communities: With corruption in their home country, it is often expected and accepted. The topic you will address is assigned below by last name. If all topics are not covered in your class with this breakdown, your instructor may reassign as necessary. a. East African (last names beginning with A-E) b. Hispanic (last names beginning with F-J) c. Southeast Asian (last names beginning with K-O) d. African-American (last names beginning with P-T) e. Eastern European (last names beginning with U-Z) For your assigned topic, address the following points in your discussion: a. Describe influences that determine reaction by the group towards law enforcement. b. Determine the affects of the societal reactions on crime prevention. c. Assess at least two methods of influencing the group?s attitude towards law enforcement in an effort to increase positive improvement in crime prevention methods. ...

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